MacNair’s Lum Reek Tasting – The Art of the Blend!

Recently I was lucky enough to receive some samples of MacNairs Lum Reek range, courtesy of The GlenAllachie Distillers Company and The Whisky Wire.

Prior to tasting these Whiskys, I’d never really given blended malts as much attention as their single malt siblings. This proved the perfect opportunity to expand my horizons towards the world of the blend.

The inspiration behind the name for these malts derives from the Scottish toast “Long may your lum reek!”, translating to “Long may your chimney smoke!” Unsurprisingly from the name, the full range gives a peated expression of the Whisky’s heritage, comprising of a non-age statement (NAS), a 12-year-old and a 21-year-old.

Lum Reek NAS – A fresh nose of citrusy orange peel, gentle peat smoke and hints of cinnamon. A bright fruity palate with oaky richness, a smokey, nutty finish with a touch of dark chocolate.

Lum Reek 12-year-old – The Lum Reek 12 on the nose gives rich toffee, crisp smoke and subtle fruits of apricot and pineapple. The palate has great salted caramel and sweet sherry flavours. A slightly stone fruit like finish of a rich Chardonnay.

Lum Reek 21-year-old – Thick treacle, mocha, vanilla oak and sweet stewed apple on the nose. The 21 on the palate throws out spicy rich wood with a chocolate hobnob balance on the saucer for good measure. Sweetness on the finish with caramelised peaches adds to the complexity, making this a truly fantastic blend and my favourite of the evening!

The Lum Reek range has truly opened my eyes to the potential on offer from blended malts. I will certainly be keeping my eyes peeled for more opportunities to sample quality blends in the future!

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