Chapter 3 – Level up!

A balanced effort of academia and tasting sessions have developed my knowledge in the art of wine analysis, articulating flavours, varietal styles and grape varieties as well as an overall assessment of wines true quality.

Variety is the spice of life etc…

Following on from my studies I’ve been attending tastings a plenty, sampling a range of varieties from concentrated Californian Zinfandel, perfect Central Otago Pinot Noirs and terrifically intriguing Jura Trousseau.

My new found knowledge and quest for flavour has lead me to develop a new found fondness for a Bordeaux claret, my favourite so far being this Clos Villemaurine – Saint-Émilion Grand Cru (2002). I have found these wines to ooze flavour, complexity and power. Perfect for a weekend treat.

There will be more reviews to come throughout the year with a mixed bag of varieties and styles currently sat in my cellar. With summer just around the corner I have some fantastic whites to throw into the mix, suitable for both foodies and afternoon sippers alike.

Keep tabs on my tasting board for my latest favourites!

Branching Out…

The new year has brought with it opportunities to expand my spiritual horizons. I have been lucky enough to have been involved with a number of online tasting events courtesy of @TheWhiskyWire and different distilleries across the globe.

This has provided me the opportunity to review some of the best the Whisky the world has to offer. The most exciting of these recently included a 35 year-old Wemmys Single malt, which I can honestly say was the finest Whisky to ever have passed my lips!

Another eye opener has revealed the joys of blended Whiskies, with the MacNair’s – Lum Reek range really hitting the spot.

Follow me on twitter @splashywine for more on these frequent Whisky wonders!

Next up…

Having only scratched the service in my wine journey theres a lot more to look forward to. WSET level 3 is the next milestone, but until then every bottle will be enjoyed with a new found appreciation, whilst raising a glass with great food and fond friends. Cheers!

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