A golden state shiner! FEL – Anderson Valley, Chardonnay (2017)

This was recommended to me by an independent wine merchant in the Castro district of San Francisco. I was originally looking for a big, traditional Californian Chardonnay but was intrigued by what was described as a more mid-palate example of the variety.


100% Chardonnay from the Anderson Valley region, this is a zippy wine with plenty of depth and complexity. 

Not too intense on the nose, aromas start with green apple and lemon peel, accompanied with brioche, cream and hints of dried apricot. 

The palate is creamy and balanced with bright acidity. There’s plenty of body without being too in your face, with a great essence of thick mineral flint like flavours evident from the first sip. Dried apricots, subtle honey and very slight pineapple flavours come through alongside the ever present green apple and lemon.

Overall a really great wine for any occasion, to be enjoyed as an apéritife or with a range of rich fish, chicken or vegetarian dishes.

Winery: FEL

Grape variety: Chardonnay

Region: Anderson Valley, North Coast California

Food pairing: Rich fish, poultry, pork, vegetarian dishes

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